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Video's from our December 2018 Event

Feedback from our December 2018 Event

It was really insightful for me to see the passionate and dedicated work various NGOs and individuals are doing to address youth mental health and wellbeing. I really appreciated how many people’s personal stories and relationships were brought to life in their work; how they were able to transform their own suffering into such powerful responses.

Very well put together, the balance of experiences was insightful and interesting.

Absolute rollercoaster of a day.

It was really interesting to hear from Johnny at Pladis how mental health champions within the private sector can provide a unique platform to support staff.

I’m not alone.

More senior people from the NHS should attend.

It has greatly impacted the way in which I will practice as an aspiring Mental Health Nurse.

Thank you for creating something that normalises and de-isolates suicidal thoughts and experiences.

How does this feed into the wider conversation?

Felt extremely emotional and so inspired listening to each story, this is so powerful.

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