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Feedback from our April 2018 Event

Involvement of the NHS Mental Health Services?

Even more young people contributing and attending.

Thank you for inviting us to take part – it was inspiring and enlightening.

Putting things in perspective with young voices – powerful. An “I need” wall where people seeking resources can be matched up with people offering services.

Be good to have politicians and CAHMs reps present. So important to make this issue one we can all talk about. So many schools won’t admit they have any students who have depression. This needs to be changed.

Its so valuable to hear from those who are currently living what we discuss at conferences. I feel with many conferences in this field that sometimes we support each other, but we don’t reach any new points of action. Would love to hear a panel of those in emergency services to see what their reality is too.

Lovely like-minded people. So positive and encouraging that change can happen.

It was very hard hitting and quite rightly so. It is an important issue and there needs to some answers.

An Incredible day! Thank you so much for running such an inspiring event! I am truly humbled by everything I have heard.

Good Variety of speakers and panel discussions.

“Elements of everything! – the Question Time was a highlight – enjoyed the drama too.”

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