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Video's from our July 2018 Event

Feedback from our July 2018 Event

This really opened my eyes to how important the connections we make with others can impact how our lives pan out.

I’ve been to a few events recently about mental health and found them very focused on education/schools it was very interesting to have a diverse agenda and audience – spot on.

Really great work happening – inspiring stories that really help the conversation.

It was powerful to witness the passion and drive around mental health and suicide prevention.

Amazing support, wish I had this experience 30 years ago when I was a teen. The bravery of the people telling their stories was amazing. Very proud.

This conference was informative, interactive and a great welcoming platform to encourage young people and parents to share their experiences around mental health.

Excellent day and was great to hear from service users and their experiences of the NHS.

Relating to stories made me want to speak out more

Meeting people who understand me and have personal experience of mental illness.

Proud to be a part of it – keep going!

A very engaging summit

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