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Can Anyone Hear Me? - 2018

Please see the Booking Page to secure your place for December 18th!!

A series of four, one-day summits; 26th April, 4th July, 13th September, 18th December 2018 – in collaboration with young adults by young adults, championing and highlighting mental health challenges.

Raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of depression faced by young people with mental health issues, giving young adults a voice.

With Further Collaboration from....

"Learning to manage your emotions is as important as learning to read and write. These events will help us understand how we give young people the best chance to flourish as adults." 

"It is the right time to be holding an event like this where young people’s voices can be heard."

"Good luck to Red Rockets Events, we are thrilled to be involved in this innovative gathering looking at mental health challenges."

"Good luck to the Lucy Rayner Foundation and Red Rocket Events on taking steps to raise awareness of mental health in the UK. It is timely and inspirational and absolutely vital as the scale of the problems facing so many young people becomes disturbingly clear."

"I would be delighted to be involved in the summits that you are planning next year. I am also very pleased you are focussing on young people’s voices."

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