It is the right time to be holding an event like this where young people’s voices can be heard


Learning to manage your emotions is as important a learning how to read and write. These events will help us to understand how we give young people the best chance to flourish as adults.

2020 Testimonial

My first ever webinar, you have set the standard! Many thanks to you all – I will share with my colleagues.
Thank you Ben its been a really interesting and informative Webinar throughout. Thanks also Anne Marie and Jenny for organising today. And finally thank you once again to all the speakers.
Thank you so much Jenny, Anne-Marie and Ben. Such an illuminating and inspiring morning. I have been so well informed. Brilliant.
My 19 year old was listening to most of this with me. She said thought it was brilliant too!
Thank you so much for organising today and for all the information shared! It has been so informative and helpful.
Sooo good Soo good.
Thanks to all, has been very inspiring webinar for me.
Thank you all speakers – more such webinars please!
Your website is amazing. So many great resources that I have sent over to our Teachers. Thanks for all the work you are doing.
Danielle, an excellent service offer addressing early identification and early intervention, there is so much we can do to support children prior to the need for any CAMHS interventions.
Some really important information you have shared.
Wow Josh, totally inspirational as its all first hand experience.
What an inspiration…thank you for your articulation of this complex area.
Thank you so much for an inspiring morning and lots to think about.
Thank you to everyone involved, so brave and inspirational.
This has been so good. Getting the tools in place for young people will make sure a difference. You are all amazing. Thank you.
Absolutely loved this webinar today and a massive thank you to all the speakers plus to Ben for facilitating this.
Thank you Ben, that was such an inspirational start to the webinar.
Thank you Paula that was really informative and enlightening.
Thank you Emma, the support structure you have put in place is amazing.
Very very helpful Emma, what a thoughtful approach. thank you.
Thank you so much Josh. How amazing. I am So touched.
Josh it was all over too soon!
Well done and thank you laura.
Good luck Laura, and well done for speaking so honestly today!
Laura you have raised the importance of face to face therapy. So many services are using technology now and it doesn’t feel safe for many.
FABULOUS – Thank you to everyone. Its been amazing.
Thank you to everyone. Brilliant session.
Thank you all so very much I am feeling quite emotional!
Great speakers so far!!!!
Thank you everyone for your knowledge, experience, ideas.
Great answers, lots of insight.
Thank you so much to you all, very informative and good ideas.
Brilliant thank you to all.
Great work Hector – keep on doing all the great work you’re doing.
So proud of you Hector, you are a star.
An amazing, articulate brave young man. Well done and thank you Hector.
What an inspirational young man you are Hector. Keep at it and we wish you all the best on your journey.
Thank you for sharing your story Hector – it was a privilege to listen to you today.
Thank you Hector for sharing your experience and what you went through. You are very brave to share and I very grateful you did! You are an inspiration and it was a privilege to listen to your story xx

2019 Testimonial

It is the right time to be holding an event like this where young people’s voices can be heard.
The Summit was inspiring, thought provoking and knowledgeable.
Attending the event would be beneficial for all members of our school nursing team.
A great day, very insightful!
Thank you so much for yet another fab conference! Enjoyed it thoroughly and learnt loads. It was worth the 5 am alarm and 90 mins train journey form Northampton. Keep doing what you’re doing! Looking forward to the next one! Will definitely share what I have learned with my fellow student paediatric nurses and colleagues in hospitals.
I learnt so much!
Thank you for supporting this important subject and continuing the conversation.
Very emosh after this but a goes day listening to others stories, and that we are not alone.
Very inspiring, given me a lot to think about!
Learning to manage your emotions is as important a learning how to read and write. These events will help us to understand how we give young people the best chance to flourish as adults.
The Can Anyone Hear Me? event has been extremely interesting and I am glad my colleague told me about it.
Very energetic and inspirational day! Packed full of speakers – Amazing!
A lovely event with some inspiring, empowering speakers.
Keep going! I am going to share this with all student nurses!
This is my third one, I travel from Northampton for each one and it is worth it every time!
Uplifting and intensely useful for me personally as an individual living with anxiety.
Great Networking event and fantastic event and venue!
As always a well put together summit with valuable speakers and networking.
Absolutely amazing, really thought provoking, So empowering!
Great to have young voices being heard.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me on my own personal & professional journey to increase Mental Health Awareness and try to make a difference.
Found today extremely interesting and eye opening to the impact of mental health on each individuals lifestyle. I feel that I have become more knowledgable about eating disorders and how they can manifest and develop throughout your life span. All of the speakers have motivated me to support my students mental health further as well as meeting their medical needs. Thank You
I now want to be a mental health campaigner.
A great day, Thank You!
Young Speakers are inspirational
This was so inspiring! Thank you to everyone who shared their stories and to those who organised this event.

2018 Testimonial

Elements of everything! – the Question Time was a highlight – enjoyed the drama too.
Good Variety of speakers and panel discussions.
An Incredible day! Thank you so much for running such an inspiring event! I am truly humbled by everything I have heard.
Be good to have politicians and CAHMs reps present. So important to make this issue one we can all talk about. So many schools won’t admit they have any students who have depression. This needs to be changed.
A very engaging summit.
Proud to be a part of it – keep going!
Meeting people who understand me and have personal experience of mental illness.
I’ve been to a few events recently about mental health and found them very focused on education/schools it was very interesting to have a diverse agenda and audience – spot on.
This really opened my eyes to how important the connections we make with others can impact how our lives pan out.
It was very hard hitting and quite rightly so. It is an important issue and there needs to some answers.
Lovely like-minded people. So positive and encouraging that change can happen.
Even more young people contributing and attending.
Relating to stories made me want to speak out more.
Excellent day and was great to hear from service users and their experiences of the NHS.
This conference was informative, interactive and a great welcoming platform to encourage young people and parents to share their experiences around mental health.
Amazing support, wish I had this experience 30 years ago when I was a teen. The bravery of the people telling their stories was amazing. Very proud.
It was powerful to witness the passion and drive around mental health and suicide prevention.
Really great work happening – inspiring stories that really help the conversation.
involvement of the NHS Mental Health Services(??)
It’s so valuable to hear from those who are currently living what we discuss at conferences. I feel with many conferences in this field that sometimes we support each other, but we don’t reach any new points of action. Would love to hear a panel of those in emergency services to see what their reality is too.
Thank you for inviting us to take part – it was inspiring and enlightening.
Putting things in perspective with young voices – powerful. An “I need” wall where people seeking resources can be matched up with people offering services.
It is the right time to be holding an event like this where young people’s voices can be heard.
Good luck to Red Rockets Events, we are thrilled to be involved in this innovative gathering looking at mental health challenges.
“Learning to manage your emotions is as important as learning to read and write. These events will help us understand how we give young people the best chance to flourish as adults.

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