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About – Our story

On the 5th May 2012, Jenny Rayner and her family were faced with the impact of mental illness and the challenges associated with this tragedy. Lucy Marie Rayner, a beautiful, sensitive soul, daughter, sister, girlfriend, grand-daughter, cousin, auntie, best friend, helper, hard worker, diva, perfectionist, wild child, risk taker, party animal, took her own life, aged 22 years.

This lifechanging event inspired Jenny and her family to passionately campaign about the mental health challenges young adults face. Jenny recognised that her tenacity and her vision was shared by many and her journey to raise awareness of this critical situation began. She realised that her experience in marketing, media and events positioned her perfectly to instigate a campaign and the Lucy Rayner Foundation was born.

Jenny, due to circumstance was very quick to realise that the support and help available to recognise and treat young adults is woefully underfunded and inadequate. Through her desire to understand she has built a solid foundation of contacts who are both sympathetic and keen to help and are also inspired by Jenny’s drive and tenacity for a cause very close to her heart. Whilst Jenny understood that mental health challenges and the associated stigma is a huge issue which heeds neither age, nor situation nor race, the plight of young adults was her key driver. She understood as do many of the major organisations that if we as a nation correctly diagnose or recognise these issues in early adulthood we can help support and arm individuals to apply certain strategies and direct them to help which they so desperately need.

What is ‘Can Anyone Hear Me?’

The next generation depends on our investment now. Can Anyone Hear Me? is an initiative born from the desire to raise awareness of these young adults in crisis, to give them a voice.

Jenny approached Anne-Marie Khouri to help deliver these powerful summits and together they formed Red Rocket Events Limited.

Together Jenny and Anne-Marie bring many years of event, marketing and publishing experience to Can Anyone Hear Me?

The response to Can Anyone Hear Me? has been overwhelmingly positive. There is without doubt a requirement for this initiative as Paul Farmer CEO of MIND agrees “It is the right time to be holding an event like this where young people’s voices can be heard”.

A green paper was published in November 2017 on the transformation of mental health services for children and young people, extra funding has been promised and waiting times are to be cut from 12 to 4 weeks. We bring together representatives from different associations, schools, universities and charities plus local government and health authorities, policy makers and fund raisers to join the conversation and discuss practical solutions that will have a lasting impact.

We are unique, in that we are committed to providing a platform where young adults have a voice and where innovative, honest conversations can take place.

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